Helpful Hints

Tournament Days

Tournaments play starts at 9:00am sharp, and can end anytime from 3:00pm to 10:00pm, depending on the amount of teams in the tournament, if you make the playoffs, etc.  Because you don’t know how long a tournament day can be, you should send your daughter with plenty of water and food. A large water jug is recommended.  She should also bring a small cooler filled with extra water, juices, fruit, sandwiches, and other healthy foods.

Players also need to bring their complete uniform: extra spandex, socks, shoes, team T-shirt and kneepads.  There will be downtime during the day so bring homework, reading material, movies, music.  During downtime your daughter needs to rest, so she will need flip-flops, baggie pants, sweatshirt, sleeping bag/banket, and a pillow.

Some events may use different gym sites for the same event requiring teams to move from one gym to another usually within close proximity.  Players will be expected to come early to warm-up, play and/or officiate throughout the day.

Bring for Parents: 

You will have time to pass when the girls are reffing another game or when you have a break.

  • Cell Phone Charger
  • Blanket/jacket (plan to dress in layers, some places are very hot and some are cold)
  • Chair (some gyms don’t allow them, others do.  A folding outdoor type that you can carry and move easily is prefered) or bleacher seat cushion
  • Book to read or magazines
  • Sewing or crochet project
  • Water bottle (some places don’t allow outside food or drinks – this way you can refill it at a fountain)
  • Extra Camera batteries and charger
  • Personal Snacks (The teams usually have healthy snacks for the girls)
  • Cooler with water bottles
  • Gatorade Mix
  • Get to your destination early Double check location
  • Get other parents phone numbers in case of emergency

To help younger siblings:

  • A personal DVD player and movies (and charger)
  • Toys that don’t make noise or could roll on the court (things like legos that can be built while they sit in a corner, or Barbies/action figures.)
  • A deck of cards or games such as Old Maid or Go Fish that can be played with anyone (younger siblings tend to talk to other kids from other teams.  These kinds of games can be played easily without a lot of direction)
  • Blanket and pillow or stuffed animal (days can get long and there are usually spots to spread out some)
  • Book
  • Coloring book and crayons/markers
  • School work

What not to bring:

  • Snacks inside (Unless you know the location allows outside food, these need to be left in the car.  ****SOME FACILITIES PENALIZE TEAMS BY ADDING POINTS TO THE COMPETITOR FOR OUTSIDE FOOD VIOLATIONS***  even from their family and friends!)
  • Laptop (unless you carry it with you.  While there is a respect aspect to bags, you don’t want to leave valuables)
  • Large bag… Have something that can fit at your feet on bleachers or under the chair you bring to sit in.  Space is often tight and everyone wants a spot to see their player play.
  • Balls… leave one in the car and you may take a sibling outside during a break to toss the ball or kick it around but inside a gym is not a good idea.  The urge is too strong and they end up rolling onto a court or near a court during a game.
  • Signs or posters inside the building… seating to watch games is tight and your seat neighbors won’t be happy with you.

Dig Deep. Play Hard.